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Everyone Can Use A Helping Hand

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Everyone Can Use A Helping Hand

3 Reasons To Hire A Fire Protection Engineer

Lena Murphy

A fire protection engineer is an individual who specializes in minimizing the risk of fire as well as coming up with countermeasures to keep as many people and as much property as safe as possible if a fire does break out. A fire protection engineer can help minimize the impact of building fires and even help mitigate the damage caused by wildfires. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to hire a fire protection engineer.

Predict Human Behavior

One very useful service provided by a fire protection engineer is that he or she can predict how people will be most likely to behave if a fire occurs on your property. This is very useful when designing or laying out the interior of a building as it can help you determine where potential bottlenecks may be if people are trying to evacuate a building during a fire. 

Determine Fire Suppression Equipment Placement

Another reason to hire a fire protection engineer is to determine the optimal placement of fire suppression equipment. This is quite important as even the best fire suppression equipment on the market is not going to make much of a difference if it is located in a bad location. This type of engineer can point out where the best place to install fire doors are as well as identify the places that are at the most risk during a fire so that you can place additional fire suppression devices in that area.

Analyze Fire Risks

Finally, a fire protection engineer can help you limit the risk of a fire breaking out in the first place by analyzing your facility and pointing out any potential risks. For example, the engineer may be able to spot issues with how certain chemicals are stored or being used and point this out to you so that you can move the items to a less risky area. In addition, the engineer can also look at how your electric equipment is actually installed to determine if there is a fire risk due to certain circuits or outlets being overloaded and help you find a way to spread the load out.

Contact a fire protection engineer today in order to discuss how he or she can make your facility a safer place in the event of a fire. A fire protection engineer can help you analyze fire risks, place fire suppression equipment in the best possible places, and even help you anticipate how your employees or visitors will react if a fire breaks out.