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Everyone Can Use A Helping Hand

We are often made to feel as though we must have the answers for everything and that if we fail to excel in certain aspects of our life, that we are in fact failures. However, the truth is we all have different strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, if we truly wish to thrive, we need to learn how to rely on each others' strengths in order to compensate for our weaknesses. This is a lesson I didn't learn until I had dug myself so deeply into debt that I thought I would never be able to crawl out of the hole. With the help of a financial consultant, I was able to crawl out from under my debt and learn many valuable lessons in the process. It is my hope that this blog will allow me to share those lessons with you.


Everyone Can Use A Helping Hand

Miss the Signs No More! How Everyone Can Become Aware of Dangerous and Suspicious Activity

Lena Murphy

Calamities and tragedies could be stopped more often if more people knew what things to watch out for or were more aware of warning signs. If you work in a place where there are lots of people or children, you can almost be certain that your workplace is a reasonable target for domestic terrorists or random acts of violence. However, tragedy can be avoided if everyone receives security awareness training. Here is how the training makes everyone aware of what to look for and how to stop the impending danger.

Training to Watch for Suspicious Activity and Persons

At the heart of security awareness training is teaching people to watch for suspicious activity and persons. This includes regular visual and physical sweeps of the area around them. Phones stay in the pocket or desk so that you can look around you. Carry only a few things with you at any time so that you can easily move and then move very quickly when you need to. The training also teaches you how to make mental notes of things that look or seem off. 

This includes:

  • People who are looking around nervously or pacing a small area.
  • People who are not dressed correctly for the weather outside (e.g., a long trench coat in ninety-degree weather, a heavy backpack when the person is clearly not a student, and so forth).
  • Cars that slow up just as they reach a very public place.
  • Cars that circle the block several times.
  • Meetings on street corners where money is handed off.
  • Bulges in pants, shirts, or coats that could be weapons.
  • People walking as though they are drunk or staggering around and mumbling.

Any of these things in your line of sight should be watched carefully. Every other adult within several feet of you who receives awareness training should also be quietly alerted to the present situation so that everyone is on high alert until the potential danger passes. Hyper-vigilance is key during all security-awareness moments.

Awareness of Dangerous Activities

Lightning storms, funnel clouds, high winds, hail the size of golf balls or larger, downed power lines, fallen trees, and fallen telephone and electric poles are all dangerous activities in your surroundings. In addition to natural and unnatural disasters are situations where people have pulled weapons. The most important thing to remember in all of these dangerous events is to remain calm. Watch for signs that there is something amiss. Look for ways out of the situation so that do not put yourself or others in danger. Remaining calm, focused, and in control of yourself will help others remain calm too. It may be possible to escape many of these situations safely, but only if you are aware, are alert, pay attention, stay calm, and know what to do. 

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