Everyone Can Use A Helping Hand
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Everyone Can Use A Helping Hand

We are often made to feel as though we must have the answers for everything and that if we fail to excel in certain aspects of our life, that we are in fact failures. However, the truth is we all have different strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, if we truly wish to thrive, we need to learn how to rely on each others' strengths in order to compensate for our weaknesses. This is a lesson I didn't learn until I had dug myself so deeply into debt that I thought I would never be able to crawl out of the hole. With the help of a financial consultant, I was able to crawl out from under my debt and learn many valuable lessons in the process. It is my hope that this blog will allow me to share those lessons with you.


Everyone Can Use A Helping Hand

How A Consulting Company Can Help You Recruit Better Employees

Lena Murphy

Are you trying to expand your company? Are you wondering why you can't seem to get the stellar talent that you were hoping for? While you might hope that simply putting out a job ad will be enough to attract the best and brightest that the area has to offer, the reality often fails to live up to your expectations. In order to make sure that you're drawing in the sort of employees that you want, you may want to hire an outside consultation company to help you make better decisions. Here are some ways that they can help:

Determining pay: You obviously don't want to have to spend a fortune on paying your employees, but a crucial part of compensation strategies is figuring out an appropriate salary. You may have based your initial offering off of other ads that you've seen from other companies, but there's no guarantee that those people are actually finding appropriate talent either. They may be just as frustrated as you are about being unable to find a valuable employee. In addition, the ads may have been placed by smaller companies with less work to be done, helping to offset the lower pay. A good consultation company will help you figure out what companies of your size are paying in your area, allowing you to match or exceed their offerings so that you can attract the best talent.

Knowing who to target: Knowing who to hire can be almost as important as what to pay them. Good compensation strategies take into account the experience of the person or people to be hired. If you're looking for someone with 10 years of experience in their field, you're not likely to find someone appropriate if the salary you're offering is more suited to a recent college graduate. Consultation companies will help you figure out how to balance years of experience versus the salary expected for that level of knowledge.

Figuring out extra amenities: A good salary is helpful, but what about insurance packages? Time off? Employee discounts? A consultation company can help you to determine what sort of extra employee benefits to offer for each tier of employees. Your entry-level employees may be happy with simply getting a few more days off than your competition offers, but you can't expect to be able to apply the same compensation strategies to your managers, supervisors, and executives while still retaining a high level of employee quality.